Let’s Talk Fabric!

Let’s Talk-Tips and Tutorials

Outside of your quilting tools, the other thing you need to get started on quilting is fabric! Finding fabric is one of my absolute favorite parts of quilting. I think it is so much fun to test out different combinations and color schemes and I could spend hours scrolling through online fabric stores. Before you jump in to fabric shopping-here is some lingo you should know:

Yardage vs. Precut

Yardage: this is fabric that is cut by the yard. Some stores will only cut in increments of one yard, while others will cut as small as 1/4 of a yard. A yard of fabric typically measures between 42-44 inches in width and 36 inches in length.

1/4 yard = 9 inches by 42-44 inches

1/2 yard = 18 inches by 42-44 inches

3/4 yard = 27 inches by 42-44 inches

1 yard = 36 inches by 42-44 inches

Precuts: this is fabric that is already cut in to smaller pieces. Some shops will also call these bundles. Some common precuts are:

Charm Packs = a pack of 5 inch by 5 inch squares

Layer Cake = a pack of 10 inch by 10 inch squares

Jelly Roll = a pack of 2.5 inch by 42-44 inch strips

Fat 16th = 9 inch by 11 inch cut of fabric

Fat 8th = 9 inch by 22 inch cut of fabric

Fat Quarter = 18 inch by 22 inch cut of fabric

Solids vs. Prints

Solid Fabric: this is fabric that is dyed one color which will be the same on both the front and back of fabric. This creates a fabric where either side can be the right side of the fabric

Print or Pattern Fabric: this is fabric which has a pattern printed on to one side of the fabric. This creates a right side (the side where the pattern has been printed) and a wrong side (the side without the printing)

When looking for fabric to begin quilting, I recommend starting with quilting cotton, which is 100% cotton and a touch sturdier than the cotton clothes are often made from. I have linked some of my favorite fabric shops below for you to start browsing!

Some of my favorite fabric shops

Morris Textiles

Marmalade Mood Shop

Cottonfield Shop

Kye + Hardy Quilts

Great Heron Thread Co

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