Let’s Talk Quilting Tools!

Let’s Talk-Tips and Tutorials

To get started with quilting you will need five basic tools-three for cutting and two for sewing. In the video below I talk you through those tools and what you will need them for.

Sewing Tools

The sewing tools you will need are a sewing machine and thread. So far I have done all my quilting on a Singer Simple Sewing Machine and I highly recommend it for beginners. There are not a lot of bells and whistles but it gets the job done and is straight forward and easy to use. When choosing thread for my machine I like to go with 100% cotton thread. I have used both Aurifil and Guttermann thread and like them equally. When I am piecing my quilt tops (sewing together the pieces that make up the top of the quilt) I like to use a neutral color so that it blends in to my fabric. When quilting (sewing all three layers of the quilt together) I sometimes like to switch it up and use a fun color to make the stitching pop!

Cutting Tools

The cutting tools you will need are a cutting mat, rotary cutter and quilting ruler. By using these three tools together, you can get a precise cut on your fabric, which will make sure your pieces come together neatly.

Shopping for Tools

While all of these tools can be found at major craft stores such as Joann’s, I prefer to support local shops and quilters that I know. Below are some small shops that stock quilting tools (often called notions)!

The Fat Quarter Shop

Shop Domesticity

Purl Soho

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